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Day 6 after surgery... Thank God for Marli!

So today is day 6 and I'm feeling better after 6 days. My arm is really sore and I get tired with things easily, but I have to say that I'm happy that this whole arm thing will be over very soon. Monday was the surgery and lets just say that for the first 3 days all I did was sleep, sleep, sleep and sleep! I stayed over by Bruce and the family while tropical storm fay came through as well as my surgery. Today is my 1st day back to being me.... I'm home at my house and I went shopping for my self today. Who ever said shopping with one arm was easy was a liar!!

 Like I said today was my 1st day out and about in the world again on my own, doing grown up people things such as shopping with her soon-to-be 5 year old and cleaning up a house that wasn't lived in for 6 days! I got up this morning from Bruce's house and of course he was still sleeping.... I decided that today was as good of a day as any to start the grown- up process again. Marli was so excited that she was going to get her mommy back 100% all hers.  Since my surgery she hasn't really spent 1 on 1 time with me. Bruce (daddy) and his family took me to the surgery on Monday ( which was Marli's 1st day of school) I didn't really see her, but I called the school to make sure that she was doing well on her 1st day back. After the surgery was done with Bruce drove me home to his place and him and his mom took care of me. Marli was home, but all I did was sleep for the 1st 3 days. She didn't really talk to me or be there to help me with anything really.
  After day 3 the whole Bruce and his mom taking care of me thing wore off.... Bruce wasn't really around cause he was working and Bruce's mom was busy with other things. I went to pick Marli up from school and she loved that seeing as though nana usually picks her up and when we got back to Bruce's place she told me everything about what had been going on that week. Thursday and Friday it was like I was living there with no help at all!! Marli helped with my shower... cleaning my back and helping me put the band aids over my stitches when I needed it. I didn't mind being there like I was living without help, because to be honest they weren't really helping me all that much anyway. I put Marli to be on Thursday night by my self because Bruce was "working late". I was in bed with Marli that night at
8am.  Come Friday after dropping marli off at school with some help driving from Bruce's mom.... I took Marli into the classroom and all the kids were amazed to see an adult with a broken arm! LOL After talking with the kids about what happened to me I went back to the car where Bruce's mom was waiting on me. We went to breakfast that morning and after that I was so tired.  I'm able to do things when I need to, but afterward I'm more tired than normal. I slept all day long until about 4pm. Bruce's mom then drove me to Marli's school again to pick her up!
  Picking her up at school is just about the nicest thing... I get to see her interacting with her friends and her new teacher and everything that has to do with her new class. They had show-n-tell and she brought her fake purple and white snake to show everyone. They took pictures of the kids with what they brought to show-n-tell and her explanation of what she brought was "my fake snake that she won at my company picnic"... how sweet is that??? LOL Later Bruce sent me a text to ask if I minded if he went out tonight.... I said "sure" and that was it. Marli and I had the night to our self in his place with Disney channel and we hung out all night. I decided that since I was able to manage Marli for the last 2 days pretty much on my own I could come home to my place and do it!
 So, today was the 1st day. Boy oh boy am I tired!!! I went shopping and marli was the sweetest thing ever. She helped me get the things that I wanted and I let her pick out some fruit. She said at one point... "Mommy you are very strong and I love you"! I wanted to kiss her a million times and just keep her in that moment. I kissed her twice and said thank you... no matter how bad I feel mommy is always here and will take care of you. Shopping together was very nice! We didn't argue and she was more help than I thought. She did as she was told and when it was time to go to Wal*Mart to get the other things that I needed she didn't complain at all! When we got home today from shopping she helped me take all the bags up stairs and even offered to help me put them away! Do have a little girl any more or a big girl?????? I'm so proud to say that I have such a sweet daughter and that she's such a good little helper when I really need it! Thank God every day for this child and for the love that she has given me in this time of need! LOL
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