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Hurricane or not???

Today was a pretty good day! I have to say I work up in the best of moods. I spent the weekend with a friend and it was really nice. Today I was all cheery and in an awesome mood. I woke up and drove over to see Bruce and Marli. Today is my day to have her, but Bruce and I were going to spend the day together shopping for the last minute things that Marli needed for school. It was nice; Bruce and I were laughing and talking about Marli and how big she's getting and everything. We went to 4 different places to find her uniform that she needed for her school as well as a few other things that we needed to get her for school.
  Despite our break up we always do well with getting things done for Marli. Bruce and I are always doing things together as a family and it's nice that it works this way for now.  We laughed so much today that it made me really miss the old times we had.  Bruce is taking me to my shoulder surgery tomorrow if the weather holds up. I'm not really up to waiting another day or so maybe even more if the weather doesn't hold up. I'm hoping that things will work out and the surgery will go as scheduled and that marli will make it for her 1st day of school. I'd have to say that over all this was a pretty nice day! Bruce and I accomplished everything that we needed to do for Marli and getting her prepared for school as well as having a nice day together!

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