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Pacifier & Blankie

Mike and I are trying to BREAK Tyrone's habit of pacifier. We think its good start now to break it before he start goes a daycare in Sept.

We started last night for Tyrone's bedtime. No problem - just sleep through all night and NO CRY at all! So now we continue doing it for Tyrone's napping today. STILL NO PROBLEM! :) :)

Now it will be third time without pacifier as I hope he will make it through by tomorrow morning! *crossed fingers*

Mike and I want to see if Tyrone can do it without his pacifier for a weekend. If so, we will continue all week until he is really get it over. The pacifiers will be THROW OUT IN A GARBAGE! :) :)

Blankie - Tyrone still want sleep with his old blankie AND his new blanket of madagascar. He really want to sleep both of it. I was hoping to get rid of old blankie. I will let him keep it for awhile since we started trying to get rid of his pacifers. That is the most thing we want to get it done. Later will do that with his blankie.

Gotta go watch a movie with Mike! :)

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Just keep the pacifier away from him now. You started, that's the hardest part. If YOU can last a few days (and him also) he won't need it anymore. Giving it back to him could just drag the process on. Good luck!! Oh, and be strong!
Yeah, thanks. :)
my son who is now 2 and a half years old now used to have a binky (pacifier). when any of his started getting little holes in them, or he would bite holes in them, I made him throw them away himself. he finally gave his up about a year and a half ago I think. He got to the point to where he would chew on them and not suck on them. He finally decided that he didn't want one anymore. If he wouldn't have given it up himself he would have it gotten taken away on his 2nd birthday, and the pacifier would have went to binky land. My son also loves his blanket. He has a fleece hulk blanket. I hate to admit this, but I had a blanket until kindergarten, all that was left was the silky stuff from around the edges. He also has a facination with tags on his blanket. don't know. I have a weird child hope this helped.